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Ostern – Bilder des Unvorstellbaren. Martina Pippal explains how the Easter mystery came into the picture, and what beautiful blossoms this produces on Radio Klassik. A program by Stefanie Jeller, in the series “Achtung Bibel!”
2022, April 20, 5:30–5:55 p.m.
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Weihnachtsbilder. Joseph cooks a soup, Mary reads a book, ox and donkey are always present – Martina Pippal speaks about Christmas in the arts on Radio Klassik
Listen online: https://radioklassik.at/weihnachtsbilder/

Mahlers Universum. Alma Mahler und die Wiener Secession – Zwischen Landhaus und Jugendstil. Martina Pippal talks about the wife of Gustav Mahler, Alma Mahler, and the Viennese Avantgarde
Podcast “Saitenwechsel” presented by Gewandhausorchester with Eva Morlang on detektor.fm
Listen online: https://detektor.fm/musik/mahlers-universum-alma-mahler-und-die-wiener-secession

St. Stephen’s Cathedral as a national symbol? Martina Pippal speaks about the St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna amongst other experts, e.g. Oliver Rathkolb, Danielle Spera etc. Feature by Kerstin Tretina, Broadcast for Radio OE1.
Listen online: https://religion.orf.at/radio/stories/3001133/

Österreichische Malerei 1860 – 1960
Interview with Martina Pippal on the occassion of the exhibition opening “Austrian painting 1860 to 1960″ at the Beijing World Art Museum
2015, April 30, Beijing World Art Museum, 9 Fuxing Road, Beijing, Haidian District, Beijing, China
Youtube channel of Martina Pippal – video part 1 & 2