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Seminars: Department for Art History, University of Vienna

The Voynich-Manuscript (Winter Term 2023/24)

The role of visual media in knowledge transfer, knowledge loss and fake news (Winter Term 2022/23)

Exemplary Bachelor Thesis by Julia Spitaler: Mapping the flat error. Der Einfluss visueller Medien auf den Mythos vom mittelalterlichen Glauben an eine flache Erde (PDF 500 KB)

Symbolism and Neo-Symbolism (Winter Term 2021/22)

Symbolism in (Central) Europe – regional and national forms within the symbolist movement (Summer Term 2021)

Illustrations of Boccaccio’s Decamerone. With Usage of Augmented Reality as Tool for art science and art education (Winter Term 2020/21)

‘The Blazing World’. Visual Template and Illustrations for/by utopian and dystopian Texts (Margaret Cavendish, Siri Hustvedt etc.) (Summer Term 2020)

Viennese Image Statistics, Isotype, Visualization in historical context | Department of of Statistics and Operations Research, University of Vienna (in cooperation with Immanuel Bomze, Torsten Möller, Christoph Kralj, and Raphael Sahann) (Summer-Term 2020)

The ‘Albertinischer Plan’. National Treasure or Hoax? (Winter Term 2019/20)

Image Space – Image Area. Analysis of an Exciting Relation using Kinesthetic Learning (perspective drawing etc.) (Winter Term 2019/20)

Art and Exegesis – Nikolaus von Verdun (Summer Term 2018)

Style & Mode in the Visual Arts from the Late Antique Time through the High Medieval Period (Winter Term 2017/18)

Blind Date with a Painting (Summer Term 2017)

Nicholas of Verdun (Winter Term 2016/17)
see more Link to an Article on the Website of the Department for Art History, University of Vienna by Friedrich Polleroß

‘Hardware’ of court representation. A new discovery in the Wien Museum (Vienna Museum) (Winter Term 2015/16)
Unit topics

A Separate Antiquity for Each One (Summer Term 2015)
see more Link to an Article on the Website of the Department for Art History, University of Vienna by Friedrich Polleroß

The Moneymental Style – Art and Architecture 1910 (Winter Term 2014/15)

Inside Art: Diégo Velázquez: Las Menínas (including kinsesthetic learning) (Summer Term 2014)
see more download PDF linear perspective (758 KB) and download PDF understanding (Las Meninas) (731 KB)

Applied Art in Municipal Housing (“Kunst am Bau”) in Vienna after World War II (Winter-Term 2013/14)
see more download PDF Kunst am Bau 1 (904 KB) and download PDF Kunst am Bau 2 (1,6 MB)

Art in Austria, 1945 through 1955 – A History of (Re-)Construction (Summer Term 2013)

The Utrecht Psalter – Appropriation Art in the Carolingian Period (Winter Term 2012/13)

Worldperception and Civil Society – the Relevance of Realism (practical experiences included concerning the technè of the Arts – Artistic Research) (Summer Term 2012)

Art for Elites, art for the Masses (Summer Term 2011)

Reforms of Lifestyle and Visual Media around 1900 (Winter Term 2010/11)

Irony and Art (Torstein Veblen versus Dada) (Summer Term 2009)

Body and Space through 1300 (Winter Term 2008/09)

Interactments – Intermedial Working in Contemporary Art (Summer Term 2008)

The Jewish Cemetery of Währing (Vienna) – A Site of Memory? (Claudia Theune-Vogt, Klaus Davidowicz, Martina Pippal, Frank Stern, Wolfgang Szaivert, Otto Helmut Urban, Bettina Walzer) (Summer Term 2008)

Feichtenbach (Pernitz/Lower Austria): Sanatorium, „Lebensborn“, Recreation Home of the Trade Union – Architecture in the Political Context (Winter Term 2007/08)

Narrative Tendencies in Contemporary Art (Summer Term 2007)

Selected Works of Art from the 13th and 14th Century in the Context of the History of Ideas (Summer Term 2005)

Medieval Treasury Art, unsolved Research Problems: Analyses by Methods of History of Art and Virtual Reconstruction (Summer Term 2004)

Art History for Historians – an Introduction | Department of Austrian Studies in History [Institut für Österreichische Geschichtsforschung] (Winter Term 2003/04)

The so called “Zackbrüchiger Stil” – a Stylistic Phenomenon of the 13th Century and it’s Context (Summer Term 2003)

Lost Churches and Monasteries of the Medieval Period in Vienna – Analyses by Art Historical Methods and Virtual Visualisation (in collaboration with Prof. DI Dr. Andreas Voigt and DI Dr. Hans Walchhofer [Technical University of Vienna] and Prof. Dr. Mario Schwarz) (Winter Term 2002/03)

From Cabaret “Fledermaus” to the so called “FLAK-Turm” (anti-aircraft defence tower): Theatre, Architecture and Fine Arts in Vienna 1900-1938 (in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Greisenegger, Department of Theatre, Film and Media Studies, University of Vienna) (Winter Term 2001/02)

Painting in the Interwar Time in the Austrian Provinces (Summer Term 2001)

Austrian Painting of the 20th Century (Winter Term 1999/2000)

Medieval Art of Austria, unsolved Problems (Summer Term 1999)

Sculptural Ensembles from the High- and Late Medieval Period in Vienna (Winter Term 1998/99)

Medieval Art of Austria, unsolved Problems” (Winter Term 1997/98)

Narrative Structures of Art of the 11th Century: The Bayeux-Tapestry and the Carmen 134 by Baudri de Bourgeuil (in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Christine Ratkowitsch, Department of Classical Philology, Medieval and Neolatin Studies, University of Vienna) (Summer Term 1994)

Changes in Style in the Art during the Early and High Medieval Period and their Relation to the History of Ideas (in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Günther Pöltner, Department of Philosophy, University of Vienna) (Winter Term 1993/94)

Iconographical Problems of Manuscript-Illumination of the High-Medieval Period and their Relation to Theological Exegesis (in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Kurt Smolak, Department of Classical Philology, Medieval and Neolatin Studies, University of Vienna) (Summer Term 1993)

The Scriptorium of Tours; Manuscript-Illumination of the Carolingian Period and its Context (Winter Term 1992/93)


Seminar for STEOP-Assistants

How can one describe works of art? (Exercise for STEOP-Assistants) (Summer Term 2022, Summer Term 2021, Summer Term 2020, Summer Term 2019, Summer Term 2018, Summer Term 2017, Summer Term 2016, Summer Term 2015, Summer Term 2014, Summer Term 2013)


Proseminars: Department for Art History, University of Vienna

12th Century Treasury Art (Summer-Term 1996)

Goldsmiths Works of the High-Medieval Period (Summer-Term 1995)

High-Medieval Manuscript-Illumination from Salzburg Scriptoria (Summer-Term 1994)

Selected Problems of Italian Art of the 14th Century: Paris, Bibl. nat., Ms. ital. 115 (Summer-Term 1982)

Giovanni Bellini (Summer Term 1992)

Ornamental Sculpture of the High-Medieval Period in Central Europe under special consideration of the so called „Norman Shed“[„Normannische Bauhütte“] (Winter-Term 1992)

Manuscript-Illumination of the Ottonian Period (Winter-Term 1990/91)

The so called “Paskalis-Renaissance” (Winter-Term 1989/90)

Problems brought up by Medieval Treasury Art (Winter-Term 1988/89)

Treasury Art of the 12th Century (Summer-Term 1988)

Manuscript-Illumination of the 12th Century from Salzburg (Summer-Term 1987)

The Shrine of Saint Amandus in the Monastery St. Peter in Salzburg (Summer-Term 1986)

Millstatt (Winter-Term 1985/86)

Schöngrabern (Summer-Term 1985)

Italian Sculpture of the Medieval Period; the Development of the Relief during the
14th Century (Summer-Term 1984)

Medieval Fresco-Painting in South Tyrol (Summer-Term 1984)

Manuscript-Illumination of the High-Medieval Period (Winter-Term 1983/84)

Austrian Sculpture of the 14th Century (Winter-Term 1982/83)


Seminars for Beginners: Department for Art History, University of Vienna

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Seminar: Department for Art History, University of Graz
Medieval Bookillumination, selected problems (Winter-Term 1993/94)